How can I rank my website fast in google?

Hey Web Marketers, I have recently started a blog, and since I have got a Facebook page with a good amount of followers, I am getting good traffic. But I was wondering how I can bring traffic using SEO. I know about on page SEO. But, the main problem is off page SEO. can you guys please provide me some tips or resources for creating backlinks for organic traffic?

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[deleted] 3 years ago

What is your website about? You might need someone who creates a story, hands it over to some local bloggers, bigger websites pick it up too and voila!EXPOSURE! This usually leads to a cascade of backlinks and is the easiest road there but ain't cheap. Or you can go on the slow yet sure lane, create high-quality content, promote it, repeat.

daylen32 3 years ago

Here is what you need to do to get poweful backlinks. 1. Write a powerful article of around 2000 words about your nice 2. Google "guest posting" + (your niche) 3. Submit your article to those websites (don't forget to put a backlink to your blog) 4. Enjoy of refferal traffic + quality backlink

christianlomax 3 years ago

I want say that, I have no experience in off page link building. Since, I was doing research and learning about it, most of the good websites were focusing on "backlinks". But they never mentioned how to create them? So, I guess I am clear here?

Slapbox 3 years ago

You might have better results if you repost asking for the lowhanging fruit of off-site SEO. What you're asking here is too vague and more like, "How do I get rich quick?"

JonODonovan 3 years ago

Be relevant by producing great content. If I Google for toasters, Google should/would not show me results for refrigerators.

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