How can I Improve my sites loading speed?

How can I Improve my sites loading speed?

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gsdqt 1 year ago

The first, recommended use VPS for your website, it's very cheap: $2.5/month. Register on Vultr.com or Digitalocean.com. Of cource, you have to know setup, config, manage VPS/ Use Responsive for website's template. Optimize imgages (resize before upload to your hosting/server) Use plugin to cache your content

ExpertBradSEO 1 year ago

Optimize your images, would be step 1. Rest of the advice here is good. A quality host can make a lot of difference, you get what you pay for generally.

jerichodotm 1 year ago

First and foremost, get a good provider. I love SiteGround for Wordpress. iPage was a disaster. Caching CDN Shrink and optimize images. Those 3 should be 80% of what you need.

beenzie 1 year ago

Gtmetrix is a really good place to start, can also recommend W3 Total Cache if youre using Wordpress, just make sure you get it configured right on a staging site before rolling live.

JohnBoone 1 year ago


BillySavery 1 year ago

Cording.. the first time we will take but twice?

paddyblue 1 year ago

Check pingdom it gives a full breakdown

Pleasuredinpurgatory 1 year ago

I do this all the time for clients send me the url and I will give you a walk through

G_S_P 1 year ago

A link to see the site would help otherwise the answers you are going to be getting here are going to be very generic.

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