How can I get accepted on Upwork?

I made an account a few days ago, uploaded a profile picture, wrote a consistent description and added my skills (a total of 10 which is the maximum admitted by Upwork) and submitted it. They refused to accept me, telling me that "our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise". I, then, changed some of the skills, maybe the ones I put in the first time were too common or I don't know, and I got the same result. Was I supposed to do something different? What are the most in-demand skills? PS my former skills were related to programming.

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mostare1 2 years ago

Tried again today, third time and as HardCrystal said I start to believe that it's just an automated message. In the email they sent to me they said that there are already too many freelancers with a similar skill set of mine. I thought that the programming niche would always have a free seat. Did you do something different to your profile the second time? Or you left it as it was?

Frodis_Caper 2 years ago

Same thing happened to me. I tried again and got in. Just keep trying.

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