How Can A (Unskilled) Teen Earn Enough Money Online To Afford University?

I will be going to university next year, and I want to start earning some money now so I will be able to pay for tuition fees and living costs. I have some money from relatives, but it's not nearly enough to pay for even one year. I know I have to earn an income myself, and not look for help from others.

I will be studying abroad, and the country has a strict law for international students where you can only work up to 25 hours a week (or thereabout). If I were to get a minimum wage job, working as much hours as I could, it would help, but wouldn't be worth it if my studies suffer and I don't earn enough to even pay the monthly rent. So getting a job while studying seems out of the question.

The only problem is, I don't really know where to look. Most searches come back with survey sites where you only earn 0.20 cents each week. I was hoping for something which could build up to at least 100 a week.

Maybe there are some people here who have been in a similar situation as me. I don't really have any skills that are well developed enough (perhaps I do, it's just hard to know my skills) to match the adult freelancers of the web, but hopefully there is something I can do.

I would prefer recommendations which tick these boxes:

  1. Suitable for someone with little skills, (I do have ECDL certification, so maybe that will help).

  2. Possibility to earn 100+ a day after a while.

  3. Little to no investment in getting started.

  4. Flexible hours/working by my own schedule.

I could always take on a student loan, but while that offers some financial security in the short term, it would be hell paying it off later. I want to be a pilot so I'd prefer to have no debt when I start my even more expensive training.

I'm open to all suggestions, and I thank you for any input you could give.



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ajmysterio 2 years ago

Hello. I'm an Indian teen who's soon finishing school and I'm willing to learn any skills that can help me to earn money and pay for college myself. Where should I look and what type of things should I learn?

cgspp 2 years ago

Becoming a skilled teen. EDIT: you can downvote this to hell, the truth is that there is no way to earn the $100/day he is talking about without any skill. It's definitely possible to make the money he needs (and much more) working online, but he needs to pick some skills along the way. Paid surveys are not going to take him/her anywhere.

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