[HIRING] Social Media Evaluators

Hello! I am updating my post with the SME oportunity, I hope is ok.

Lionbridge is looking for Social Media Evaluators to rate social media ads and other content for quality and relevancy in order to help our clients improve the Internet experience for all users.

Pay Rate: 10.80 USD / Hour. Part Time gig.

APPLY HERE: https://career4.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareer?jobId=18459&company=lionbridgeP&username=


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Drinktheflavoraid 2 years ago

I'm working a similar position with Leapforce and love it. Do you know if I could be able to work for both companies simultaneously?

lookitsmikel 2 years ago

I actually have this position. It's significantly different than other rater or evaluator jobs I've seen in the past. I feel $10.80/hr is actually justified for the type of work being done. Keep in mind, the NDA doesn't allow me to say "what" is being done... But once you start doing it you understand why the pay rate is lower, haha. This is definitely a good choice for someone who wants an extra 5-7 hrs of work each week without any stress.

Shadowsplay 2 years ago

So you are paying $4 an hour less than other companies for literally identical work. Any justification for that?

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