Hi /r/BigSEO, meet the new Site Audit tool by Ahrefs

Hey guys & girls,

There were quite a few recent threads here discussing different website audit tools: SiteBulb, Netpeak, DeepCrawl & Botify, FandangoSEO, etc.

Last week we (Ahrefs) have (finally) released our very own Site Audit tool: https://ahrefs.com/site-audit

  • It is cloud-based — You don’t need to install any software on your computer and you don’t need to own any servers or proxies to run it on a large website.

  • It is blazing fast — According to our backend team, Site Audit tool can crawl faster than most websites can handle (which should not come as a surprise, considering that Ahrefs has the second most active crawler after Google).

  • It has 100+ pre-configured SEO issues — And you have full control over them: modify them to your liking, remove those you don’t like and add any custom ones.

  • It is visual — Many of the aforementioned SEO issues are visualized with cool graphs and then grouped into reports, which makes the data much easier to grasp and explain to your clients.

  • It saves each crawl — This way you can always go back and review previous crawls if needed. The option to compare crawls is in the pipeline already.

  • It will support JavaScript Rendering & Lighthouse real soon — hopefully by the end of this year.

More details in this article: https://ahrefs.com/blog/new-site-audit-tool/

Even though the tool is now officially released, we have a rather big list of things that we want to add in the next few months.

And we're super interested in your feedback!

I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about our new Site Audit tool.

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timsoulo 2 years ago

yeah, I think we might merge the two somehow.. will think about it, thanks!

timsoulo 2 years ago

what about the pre-configured issue "page has links to broken page"? https://imgur.com/a/66bwd Did you try it?

timsoulo 2 years ago

could you please contact our support team about it? We need to look at the actual case, to be able to answer this question.

timsoulo 2 years ago

did you verify your website, so that to then increase the crawl speed settings?

dubnessofp 2 years ago

Mmm BBQ I totally agree with this. It was already my favorite tool and it just keeps getting better

jgrammer 2 years ago

Really love the new site audit tool. Thanks Ahrefs.

lonewolf-chicago 2 years ago

Trying it now. 100,000 pages crawling - will never get done. LOL

LustrousSoviet 2 years ago

Is there a way to automatically do the audit for new projects I add? I now need to create a new project, disable the default email notifications and create it in the site audit.

LustrousSoviet 2 years ago

Might be the protocol (http, https)?

Obio1 2 years ago

Ability to render JavaScript like GoogleBot does would be great too. They say it's coming soon.

yhorian 2 years ago

I'm having issues getting lists of where broken links are found. We host a large amount of user generated content and a crawler for me needs to speed auditing those outgoing links. Any way to easily produce a list of WHERE bad links are found, without having to click on the 'number of places this link appears'?

msupr 2 years ago

Yeah I've been using it since it randomly showed up in my dashboard. Really great tool, I love the data explorer. My site (about 4-5k pages) went through a redesign + some other changes last week, so it came out at the perfect time. Helped me catch a few things. I pay for deepcrawl as well, still comparing the two.

kabaab 2 years ago

Looks nice so far one thing that has me confused is 'Canonical not matching' under Content Quality.. When i inspect the pages the canonicals to me see correct? Am i missing something bleedingly obvious here?

deyterkourjerbs 2 years ago

The amount Ahrefs improves YoY should put a lot of other marketing SaaS to shame IMO TBH BBQ.

timsoulo 2 years ago

We calculate "internal pagerank" for each URL. Plus you have Ahrefs' backlink data and organic traffic data for each URL. But yeah, we didn't combine "internal pagerank" with "external pagerank".

Ok4m1601 2 years ago

What about linkjuice flow?

timsoulo 2 years ago

good catch :)

dial_m_for_me 2 years ago

You dont need to install any software on your computer Pretty sure I still need a browser. Was waiting for it, will go try this now, cheers.

timsoulo 2 years ago

Could you please clarify your question? You say you have 1 project, which means you can run the audit of any website and explore your Site Audit tool to decide if you like it or not. Do you mean we should add some "demo project?" Like crawl Apple.com and make this available to all users to play with? We also have a $7 trial, where one can give a test to all tools within Ahrefs, including the new Site Audit.

Heatard 2 years ago

My main gripe is that there doesn't seem to be a way to test this beforehand, so I don't want to waste the only project I have for this month on one of my clients sites. Most crawlers I've worked with have always had a trial version available which allows me to see what I like and dislike. Is this expected at any point?

digitalseo2017uk 2 years ago

Been using this for the last week or so, great piece of kit. Can't wait for incoming improvements. Notifications when new errors are detected & pdf export of issues would be awesome

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