Hey I need help with website traffic.

My website has received over 1,000 views in the past week. But no where are my stats showing. Alexa rating, there is no rank and other sites. But I sites who get way less traffic and has an rating. Any help?

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waldito 1 year ago

^ this

hofford44 1 year ago

Check your source/medium. If using Google Analytics you can add a spam and bot filter to remove that traffic from your stats as they are not relevant. Likewise be sure to add your IP address as a filter. In terms of driving traffic with SEO there is an endless number of things that you can be doing to improve your rankings and how you appear on the pages or for voice results.

Nelsonius1 1 year ago

I dont really understand the question. You have a 1000 visits but your not showing in google and you want to know where the traffic came from?

Sarah-Clarke 1 year ago

You can generate lots of traffic from social media

steffanlv 1 year ago

Are you sure your views are not traffic from zombies?

SheikhRasheduzzaman 1 year ago

Keep more patience, are u fetch on Google?

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