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I am going to work in Zone 1 in a few months and will be living in Rickmansworth (Zone 7). Therefore I have been looking at travel cards especially since I have an 18+ student oyster. However, I am a tad confused as to whether I can get a Zone 1-6 as inputting the data in the Trainline season ticket website shows a travelcard 1-6 "also valid in fare Zone 7"?

Obviously, I will not be buying from Trainline I was wondering if I require a Zone 1-7 travelcard or if I can get a Zone 1-6?

A link to the Trainline search: https://www.thetrainline.com/season-tickets/fare-selection?annual=true&custom=false&destination=182&endDate=2018-05-20&monthly=true&origin=RIC&passenger=adult&startDate=2018-04-20&ticketclass=standard&weekly=true

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theyau 3 years ago

Cheers, but that doesn't really tell me why Trainline shows something different.

danltn 3 years ago

I have an 18+ student oyster. Here you go Fwiw, there's generally no good reason to use thetrainline as far as I know.

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