Help me, Why some of my pages not showing search result?

Hi BigSEO, We are running an online training portal, in last December we added 4 new courses. I did complete On page SEO and Backlinking from past 30 days but still, my pages are not showing in search result with Keyword search. I checked webmaster those pages are index. Can anyone suggest me what I need to do?

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OptimizedEarl 2 years ago

This is like asking the mechanic why your car wont start but you left the car at home. What the site yo!

Abiv23 2 years ago

you should read the purpose of this sub, it's not for experienced seo professionals to give out free advice to 'seo executives' from india who will 100% steal the tactics and undercut your price

tnickolay 2 years ago

With the info provided we can only guess. Post the website and point the courses/pages so we can take a look. Please ignore the "helping folk" in the redit they seem to be growing in numbers

searchcandy 2 years ago

Can anyone suggest me what I need to do? Hire an SEO to help you if you don't know what you are doing.

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