Help me start an online flexible part time job

I have my regular work. 8 hours/day, 5 days/week. But I am very interested in sarting an online job which i can do in the evenings or during weekends. I am searching internet and could not decide on one. I am good at Microsoft office such as word, excel and powerpoint, etc. I have very good typing skills. Can anyone help me with some options. I want to do it online and not locally. I am living outside USA and Europe. Thank you.

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QubeZero 9 months ago

Hi, I just came across this post recently, sorry to bother you. I would like to know if you could work for appen 10-15 hours a week, or is 20 hours the min? Thanks

NewLife_2017 11 months ago

Looking at appen and I See they have many "job postings" and duplicate or triple of the same posting with the same location. Should someone apply to all of these or just one? Do you have to keep re-applying for projects or does your application go into a database where they may automatically reach back out to you once you finish one. Thanks!

shijumonng 11 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please explain what is crowd sourcing or what type of projects they are offering?

dogless_doglover 11 months ago

Try appen I have been in projects with them over a year Its sort of easy job, projects usually require 20 hours a week, you chose the time and days to complete 4 hours a day Its fairly flexible which is their biggest upside but communication with managers can be difficult and projects end without notice But if you work hard they keep you in constant projects Hope this helps

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