Having Issues Spreading Brand in traditional online methods

I've just started a new online clothing company, but the issue is none of the main outlets, pinterest, REDDIT, facebook(sorta), our allowing the product. Why is that you ask? Because it is adult themed baby bibs, {XXXbibs} for the curious. The content on the bibs can be profane on some of the products. Though it is just text, nonetheless the content isn't allowed. How can I spread knowledge of my brand for babies, when it is rated as adult content. Should I continue to pursue these traditional outlets, and try and work within their guidelines, or pursue another route entirely.

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quackpants25 2 years ago

Great point. The teaming up seems tricky, I wouldnt know where to start, but those alternative outlets could definetely be helpful.

shittyCEO 2 years ago

If it's XXX why not advertise on XXX websites? You are a niche in a heavily saturated market it's definitely going to be rough to break into it.

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