has anyone used Walmart Pay to stack eGiftcards?

Expecting a few from this research study I did and I was wondering if anyone here has successfully stacked them on the Walmart Pay section of the Walmart app and checked out(in person) without having to scan multiple barcodes like the old fashioned way?


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adriansoft 1 year ago

so getting a physical 100% doesnt work?

HIVnotAdeathSentence 1 year ago

I've only had a problem twice, one was trying to buy a physical gift card with digital gift cards and the other just froze the transaction, both were at self-checkout. There seems to be a limit of five gift cards you can add on the website. Another problem is no receipt. I've been able to insert a penny before using Pay then receive a receipt at the end, only froze the transaction once so far. A few times I've been able to scan the digital receipt off my phone or tablet without an issue, but don't want to risk it too many times and get my Fetch account banned.

Crazybarb 1 year ago

If Im understanding the queston, re the receipt on the app, this is what I do. I only load what I am going to spend on one trip, and my card is not loaded into the app. In other words, if I have 75 bucks of cards loaded to the app, I usually buy 80 bucks worth of stuff (not stuff I dont need, mind you, just have a good sense of what stuff costs, I realize others may have trouble with this. I suppose you could just say "wait" and grab a candy bar or batteries from the side). I scan the app, it shows me as owing five bucks, I use my card, and THEN a receipt prints out that I can use for Shopkick, Ibotta, Fetch rewards or whomever else needs the darned thing. Hopefully this made some sense.

[deleted] 1 year ago


YOmap 1 year ago

just did it with Ibotta yesterday.....if you go to your savings catcher then look at "your results", press on your receipt, at the top right hand corner is a icon that looks like a piece of paper. It will give you a QR code to scan thorugh Ibotta.

[deleted] 1 year ago


adriansoft 1 year ago

thank you

adriansoft 1 year ago


adriansoft 1 year ago

is it just an issue with scanning?

apoweroutage 1 year ago

I've used it quite a bit buying discounted gift cards. Have run into a LOT of issues getting it to actually work in stores. The gift cards were good and worked individually but the Walmart pay function needs a lot of work To those with issues for receipts. You can pull up the receipt on the computer or phone and use another phone to take your picture or scan the QR code.

summer0011 1 year ago

Have you ever purchased any gift card with walmart pay? I tried it one time but it was not succeeded

YOmap 1 year ago

Do it all the time but you don't get a receipt for the receipt programs.

robertbmeyer 1 year ago


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