Has anyone here used Qmee.com

I don't totally get it but it seems like they'll pay you just for having the extension installed in your browser. Anyone work with it and want to give us a review?

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therewasroomforjack 2 years ago

actually, they recently changed it or something, I was able to cash out ot gift cards without verified paypal, but my friend could not do it. I think there might be some restrictions, but I still can, just cashed out 10 amazon card last week

jungofficial 2 years ago

Doesn't work for us minors with unverified paypal accounts. I mean, it does work, but we can't cash out.

Nalim7777 2 years ago

36 dollars in 5 years?

Nalim7777 2 years ago

2 dollars a year?

IsabelAlphonse 2 years ago

Does it only give you pennies when you do web searches?

IsabelAlphonse 2 years ago

Can you explain a bit more on how you earn? Does it slow down you browser? Does it show ads that you have to click on?

zarraza2k 2 years ago


msmoneybags67 2 years ago

Ive earned a little over $36.00 from them, they are a bit slow, slower now days it seems to me. I used to get alot of search results, but now only occasionally. They have surveys there too that you can earn from. As will all sites your not going to become rich quick, as long as Im still earning steadily I stick with sites I do like their quick and easy cashouts

BurrStreetX 2 years ago

I do surveys, and in the last week I think I have gotten around $10. Can cash out anytime, and is in your paypal account with seconds. No issues with the surveys as of yet.

horrornerd 2 years ago

yeah , pretty solid , slow and steady with no issues in years .

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