Has anyone else read the latest Moz Blog about taking a piece of content and getting it to rank immediately?

I just read their latest piece and they put examples in how their process works. It seems fairly legitimate, but I am also extremely skeptical. Simply rewriting an old article to update and be more comprehensive then suddenly rank in the top 5 of your keyword everytime?

Has anyone else tried what they are doing to see if it works for them?

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Jos3ph 1 year ago

I haven't read this piece, but I work in-house and I make very targeted resources within our niche and have been seeing some of this targeted content rank top 10 immediately and then climb to top 3 within a week or two over the past few months.

jcchouinard 1 year ago

I've read it also. I also have a weird feeling about it, even though their process is fairly legitimate. I think it can work. My own feeling is that: Maybe some post will keep their ranking, but some other will decrease their ranking over time. I've seen it for some of my latest posts... Few minutes after posting the article, I was first, then second, then third, and a week later I was on second page. Rank Brain had lowered my ranking after seeing how users responded to my post. Another article, I got first position, then second page, and then it kept going up from second page since then, up to 2nd position. I think this might be what happened in his case study. He improved the article, and Google tried it in first position for a day until Rank Brain gets enough information to rank it properly. If his article was really better then the rest of the posts on page 1, he kept is position 1st. If not, and this is what we don't know, his ranking lowered over time. However, he might really succeded because the article in his example was already ranking for page 1. He improved it so is ranking went up.

NakedAndBehindYou 1 year ago

Can you link to the blog post?

greatwhitebuffalo716 1 year ago

"Content is king, content is rankings, content is bae" - Moz I read everything Moz and Rand Fishkin say about content and rankings with a grain of salt lately. They practically regurgitate what Google says verbatim.

miihill 1 year ago

Not that I've read it (link please), but there are undoubtedly more factors to take into consideration?

Bettina88 1 year ago

Link to the post?

TopPrimary 1 year ago

Could you like to the article for me?

Tuilere 1 year ago

I read it. I think it has some issues - they don't talk about ongoing results or GSC averages over time, just "we checked 5 minutes later on the same browser!" Without backup data, personalization is a possible explanation, for instance. The details just aren't there. That said, this has always been true: "In conclusion, dont arbitrarily write long content and call it high quality." People are constantly still shilling "you need 2000 words of LSI content!!!" bullshit. And the people who say this write awful content.

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