Has anyone done SEO on Squarespace site?

Looking to build my own personal site on Squarespace, I have a ton of experience on Wordpress and Shopify sites but would like to learn another CMS, wonder if someone has some advice

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MrDalekVzla 2 years ago

thanks for the trolling :D

MrDalekVzla 2 years ago

online-oriented one, I'm a marketing consultant for small and medium business in Latin America :) I already have some client base but haven't had the time to apply my own work on my own brand haha. "the house of the blacksmith has wood knife" kind of thing. Decieded that could already make some experiments

MrDalekVzla 2 years ago

thanks for the friendliness, still thinking about it tho, but now i'm eager to actually have a project on squarespace

seomarketingph 2 years ago

Squarespace already is SEO ready CMS but you cannot personalize this like updating the robots.txt and making your own version of sitemap.xml. I would still prefer using wordpress

kurttheflirt 2 years ago

Most important is content. Great content will build great SEO. Once you have that you can focus on the more nitpicky stuff. Question: Do you have a local business or a more online-oriented one?

SirBarBosh 2 years ago

I was in the same boat as you when I did SEO on my first Squarespace site. It is decently possible but just no were as easy as WordPress and Shopify to make onpage changes. Just remember there a bit online domination about the CMS and there is a live chat. I did end up putting the site in dev mode to change it that the H1 wasn't the meta description as well. Ended up with the client rebuilding the site in Wordpress. If you have problems PM me and I see how I can help if possible.

Halostar 2 years ago

Advice: don't overthink it. Just learn where your h1 and h2 tags are (using different title types changes the tags). Use google to help you.

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