Has anyone connected their card to Ebates for the in-store cash back? Is it safe and is it worth it?

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JOJOawestruck 3 years ago

drop has an issue with my td bank card where it won't completely link and It linked just fine the first time I ever did it but somehow it won't link up anymore, tried talking to drop and my bank and still haven't resolved the issue, so I'm hoping I can link with ebates

zarraza2k 3 years ago

I think it "competes" with likes of Dosh, Drop, Yelp and/or Swagbucks Local - so you should really look closely to see who has the better deals before linking your cards - for me swagbucks local has more deals relevant to me so I opted for them instead. this thread has more details about the aforementioned - but I don't think ebates was discussed.

Negaface 3 years ago

I work for Ebates so please feel free to ask any questions.

dailythought 3 years ago

I figured as much, but just wanted to hear from some that have used it. Thank you for the detailed information!

michikade 3 years ago

I do and have used it a few times. I linked my BoA Cash Rewards card and sometimes stack Amerideals with it because double dipping is awesome.

SocialWinker 3 years ago

Its worked great for me. But I did have some fraud issues with the debit card I used. Not sure if its related or not. I changed it to my credit card and havent had an issue since, so its probably a coincidence. I use it all the time at Petco.

barrybulsara 3 years ago

That's online cashback, not linking your card for in-store purchases.

slytherinsquirrel 3 years ago

There's two parts to any question of "Is this site secure?" 1) Is the site actively trying to steal my information/sell it to nefarious parties? - On this aspect, ebates is sufficiently well known that it seems unlikely that they are a front front for hackers, so on this point, I'd say, yes it's safe. 2) Do they properly and securely store my information? - Technically, no one knows. Not even ebates knows for sure that their system is secure. But the risk here isn't necessarily any more than the risk inherent in using the card at the store in the first place. Even the most reputable site/store carries a degree of risk. That being said, I've never heard anything that would make ebates any riskier than anything else.

destructogrrrrrl 3 years ago

I do this and have gotten cash back from petco and bed bath and beyond. The cash back appears almost immediately and Ive never had any security issues with my card.

sarsly 3 years ago

I did, and got my $10 + cash back from Amazon through Paypal. Going to do a referral with my boyfriend for the $25, and he will get $10 + cashback, and I'll pay him the rest of the items cost, so he gets a free item and I get money back. Seems safe and legit, I've had no issues.

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