Has anyone been able to cash out on the Scour app?

I've been trying to cash out for the past couple of days but every time I try, it says that my account is not confirmed. Since I signed up with FB, it's not like I can get a confirmation email. I'm starting to wonder if this is intentional/ a scam, or if I'm just missing something on my end. Has anyone here been able to cash out, and if so, did you sign up with FB or Google Plus?

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Imakrazyfoo 3 years ago

Update: Logged in with my main phone and now it's showing that my account is confirmed. Not sure if this is because there is actually service on this phone, or because I have the FB app installed and logged in, but once confirmed, all of the videos disappeared.

zarraza2k 3 years ago

haven't had any "offers" except for my first day - but thanks for the reminder, at least I got my daily check in POINT! :-D

Ryker_Reinhart 3 years ago

Has anyone been able to contact them at all?

keekcat 3 years ago

I can't even load the app, let alone watch videos

Imakrazyfoo 3 years ago

I had this happen on some phones, and had it work on others, but I haven't figured out the pattern yet.

Imakrazyfoo 3 years ago

I haven't had any other issues, it's still playing ads just fine, although I live in an area that seems to have been immune to just about every ad shortage that people have talked about on this sub, except for those affecting yoolotto for some reason. I just can't cash out :/

MidgardWyrm 3 years ago

I think a better question is: "Can anyone even load the Scour app?" All I get is an endlessly spinning circle...

[deleted] 3 years ago

Ran out of offers and their email isnt working regardless of it being a new app. Sucks as it was passive.

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