Grown Ass man, quitting corporate wanted to work at home with his Son

in the industry for 6 years and in corporate for 4 years. Working as an SEO Manager. Handling a team of content writers, social media guys and SEO associates. I have a proven results(in which you can check it on my resume). I am a results oriented kind of guy, works 12-15hrs a day. I am pretty much dedicated on every clients, starving to achieve results on a given timeframe.

I decided to quit my corporate, since I have an upcoming baby (2nd baby) in which my Wife is unable to handle anymore. So she needs me at home. I am looking for a long term client/partners who is dedicated as me. I am open for partnership(comission based) or a salary based SEO (with

money back guarantee if don't meet the said client's expecations).

Aside from SEO, I am confident and capable of my expertise as follows:

  • CRO (conversion rate optimization). Landing Page audit : righ context, amount of data, proper color schemes, Call to action and more.
  • With an Indepth knowledge of Analytics and Analysis
  • Split testing with a minimal budget
  • Competitive Keyword Research and Keyword building to form a great content that can generate up to 100+ ranking keywords in Google
  • Data Analysis and benchamarking


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joris 2 years ago

Cause hes hoping to angle some gullible people that dont know about seo. If I wanted an seo expert, I googled for one. That is the first way to see if he's good at his job right?

steffanlv 2 years ago

You are messaging on Reddit looking for an SEO job and you claim to be an SEO Manager? It's not difficult to make enough money from SEO to work at home. As an SEO manager you should probably know that.

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