Googles New Site Sandbox - Your experiences?

What are your experiences with Googles New Site sandbox?

A lot of people claim it does not exist, but all of my sites average 10 months before they pop up anywhere in SERPs. This is with link building campaigns being run on them.

Can anyone else confirm the existence of the New Site Sandbox and what are your experiences with it?

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ExpertBradSEO 1 year ago

I have been doing this for 20 years, well 21. If you want to learn, read googles search manual, and follow it. Do not buy an seo course. One short cut leads to another shortcut and before you know it, you are an SEO sheep. As much as teaching someone sounds great, I have a business to run and time is $. Also, the best way to learn is by doing. Btw, I detailed how I ranked the site using PR in a blog post, I believe it is in the white hat round up and I offer it as a downloadable pdf if you scroll all the way down.

ExpertBradSEO 1 year ago

IMHO you have to wake up the Google. You know, publish content, social media, etc. I took a new domain from new to $90-100k a month in semrush value in a year, and ranked #1 for SEO Expert in 8.5 moths. So, do not be afraid of new domains.

rockinimelini 1 year ago

Sandbox does exist, I have other project that is there for about 2nd month... OP, 10 months is way too long, I just pushed a new website, did local citations and some forum backlinks (good quality, relevant to what's on the post/forum) and for that one page is ranking 30-40 spot. You sure it's indexed lol?

Apollo21x 1 year ago

Where I work we haven't noticed anything like that, we actually recently just brought 2 sites live both on brand new URLs, with minimal link building and saw page one rankings within a few weeks. Obviously not 100s of page one rankings right of the jump but definitely saw some movement within a few weeks. I'm curious to hear other peoples experiences because 10 months seems like a long time, even for a brand new URL.

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