Google News Standout Tag?

few months ago in-house at a large university’s news site. (I had been working full-time at an SEO agency prior.)

I just discovered a field for a “Google Standout” tag in the back end. I’d never heard of it before so I did a little research and can’t find anything on it beyond “it might help, sure.” Anyone have any experience using it? Is it worth using if there’s a story we want particular attention on? I’m not under a huge amount of pressure to bring traffic up, it’s just a personal goal given my background.

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Borange81 1 year ago

Ive always been curious about the Standout Tag, Ive also heard of something called Editors Pick for google news publishers but have no clue how that works.

kppeterc15 1 year ago

The site does appear in Google News, although I'm not sure if it's been formally submitted.

hpizzy 1 year ago

Google news submission you can do through the Google Search console, after submission takes about 7-10 days for approval at which point you would be able to use the standout tag.

hpizzy 1 year ago

So it's used to tell Google a specific blog article or news article is breaking or one of the better content from your site within a given 24 hour period. Specifically it has no use unless you have a feed sending content for Google News and have been accepted into Google news program. Standout tag can only be used once per day with only one article/content for all your content published on any given day. Hope this helps better understand it's use.

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