Google My Business Issue Killing My Rank

I have a verified gmb listing and can edit several categories as I please. However, there is one category I cannot edit and I suspect it is single-handedly destroying my rank.

In the knowledge panel on the right under my reviews the primary category is listed (I can edit this), for example...auto repair in "xyz". It is this xyz portion that I cannot edit. It lists my county instead of the city I am in. As a result I neither rank nor show up in that city when I use my city keyword to search.

Is there a way to change this from my county to my city, this option is not present in my GMB backend to edit. Thanks

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setonhall257 2 years ago

I would like to think so but that seems unlikely. In a small town where I have the most reviews and the highest rating I do not show up in the local pack, organic serps or local finder. Its honestly baffling.

setonhall257 2 years ago

I have spent a good portion of time searching and it seems likely I cannot change it. Thanks for your input

hecklerponics 2 years ago

It's not hurting your ranking. It's just G's understanding of where you're located.

mediocrest23 2 years ago

My guess is I don't think so--the same is true for the agency where I work (just checked), and the address right beneath lists the county, so I think that's up to Google's mapping function to determine, not any action you could take. I hope I'm wrong for your sake! :/

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