Google automatically appends (incorrect) website name to end of SERP result titles for different organizations

Please see full question on Stack Exchange: https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/110845/google-automatically-appends-incorrect-website-name-to-end-of-serp-result-titl

Hello World - Foobar Korea

turns into the following in SERP results...

Hello World - Foobar Korea - Foobar USA

From working with another client, we know that Google will sometimes append what they think is the web site name if it doesn't already appear.

In our situation, the root domain is "Foobar USA", but the subfolder where this page is is "Foobar Korea".

Our goal is to tell Google that this subfolder is a different organization.

From our own experience, after Google realizes that the organization name ("Foobar Korea") already appears in the title tag, they don't append it again.

So the question is how do we tell Google this subfolder is "Foobar Korea", not the root's "Foobar USA".

EDIT November 29th: ANSWERED on Stack Exchange


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JoseRolles 2 years ago

Thanks. We fixed it. Answer on StackExchange https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/a/111057/59798

JoseRolles 2 years ago

Yes, we used structured data (JSON-LD), but no luck. Any other ideas? We even registered GMB and registered separate Search Console properties for the subfolder.

Sandy_Sand 2 years ago

Yes ..Using Organisation Schema will avoid these problems

carrot_gg 2 years ago

Use microdata, json-ld, etc. You should be using those anyway.

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