Good quality backlink buying site

Any good quality platform out there where you can buy/sell text links for a monthly fee?

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DanielODonnell 2 years ago

SB is probably the fastest way to tank a site.

phb71 2 years ago

I'm actually more interested in offering links for a monthly fee as I have a few websites with decent DA - mainly looking for a robust platform who puts advertiser/publisher in touch for content.

ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

Diggitylinks. He only lost 80% of his pbns in the last 3 months. So he has 20% left, for you.

DanielODonnell 2 years ago

I build them myself... I research the top competitors in my niche who rank in the top 3, record all of their backlinks, put them in an Excel doc and then go down the list trying to acquire links from the best industry sites as I can. I wouldn't spend a dime on fiverr... I don't know where they are coming from, if they have any value or if they will tank my site. I just don't trust it.

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

You don't even have to buy the links any more IMO. Just say Fiverr three times in front of the SERP you're trying to rank for and you'll be #1 in 2 weeks. Say it 4 times for local pack results.

cixx5 2 years ago

Scrapebox! Mass blog commenting.

ferrarif545 2 years ago

I don't think you will get the type of response you were hoping for here. My suggestion would be to Google extensively on this topic and reassess how you plan on obtaining your backlinks. Good luck!

EliasArosemena 2 years ago

You should try RhinoRank. I use it to buy curated links for my clients.

OkProblem 2 years ago

Yeah, I agree... I bought 20,000 backlinks that were dripfed, which were safe from Google because the description says so for $5 and now I have a 2000% increase in traffic for my website.

thesupermikey 2 years ago

Fiverr. Best links around.

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