Gonna be doing some SEO consulting, how much should I charge hourly?

Building an SEO strategy from the ground up for three local clients. These clients have strong businesses, but by no means make bucketloads of cash. I've already decided charging hourly is better than some kind of lump-sum, but I'm curious to see how much other SEO pros charge clients for their work.

This will be my first time doing solo SEO consulting. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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ExpertBradSEO 3 years ago

I charge $350, and up.

RaskallyRabbit 3 years ago

I charge a monthly retainer because the client is paying for results, not for my time.

Tuilere 3 years ago

$75 to $100 is low among experienced firms. I know some who charge $300/hour. Upwork is a crappy indicator of local market value.

seomarketingph 3 years ago

it really depends on the expertise of an SEO, some charge as high as $75 to 100 per hour just on consultation alone. Check on Upwork and how much an SEO charge depending on their skills set. Then from there you can come up with your own hourly rate or fixed monthly rate.

borogz 3 years ago

Why are you going to charge hourly? Generally I work on out what needs to be done on the site then how long that will take me. Divide that across 6 months and charge monthly.

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