GMB no longer showing at all

Hi SEO community,

You all have been very helpful in the past. And I appreciate that.

I'm very worried because my GMB listing for my main location, also my very first GMB listing for my business, is not showing in the knowledge panel anymore. I've added two locations and was about to add one more because I have partners and sales people jumping on board and I'm afraid that either Google is confused or they think I'm spamming.

All of my locations are about 2 hours away and the fourth location is also 2 hours away whenever I decide to go ahead and verify. I have one listing where they don't want to show address because it's not an office. For the other two locations I have done internet directory submissions and local SEO. I also created individual location pages on my website for those two locations period and on my web pages there is no mention of address only a sales phone number unless you choose to select one of the locations Pages, then you will get a local address.

One last thing, if you Google my business name in the first location I started, there is no knowledge panel. If you Google my business name in the second location I opened, it lists my second and third location not just the one in the knowledge panel.

What am I missing? I've never had this happen before and have added locations for other businesses many times without this issue.

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