Ghostwrite Dating Profiles

Hi all,

So I just came across this job posting today. Essentially, you'll be ghostwriting chat messages and dating profiles and various dating services for busy professionals. According to the attached Google Docs file, you'll be making $13-$17 per hour.

I actually just took the test, and it's definitely a fun gig for someone who's up for it.

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Coloratura1987 2 years ago

Yes, I believe so.

belanovatrx 2 years ago

This is for canada and us residents only,correct?

Coloratura1987 2 years ago

I'm so out of the loop that I literally had to look this up. But thank you, kind stranger.

Coloratura1987 2 years ago

Basically, there were a few sample Tinder, Match.com, and I think OKCupid profiles. The object of the test is to read through all the information and type out a response within 45 minutes. To be fair, they don't expect you to finish in that time. But, the catch is you can't submit it unless you do. Also, I'm not sure, but you may be working as an independent contractor. In that case, you'll have to set aside roughly 35% or soin the United States anywayfor taxes.

Coloratura1987 2 years ago

Well, I'm sure there's a clause in there somewhere. lol That would be a great plot for a TV show, though.

SillyOperator 2 years ago

What happens if you fall in love with someone you're supposed to be ghostwriting to?

Mynotredditaccount 2 years ago

Definitely gonna check this out! Thanks for sharing!

Coloratura1987 2 years ago

It's a bit hidden. You have to copy and paste teh link to their Google Doc.

Trillnonymau5 2 years ago

Thanks for the link breh,I sent my application in,hopefully I get picked

PurrPrinThom 2 years ago

There's a link in the job description to a Google doc with the info.

CharcoalPopsicle 2 years ago

This just takes you to their website, I feel so bamboozled.

Squiggles_henny 2 years ago

How do you get to the application? When I click the link I just go to the website.

jiluhan 2 years ago

This is amazing.

R_T_4 2 years ago

Thank you so much

littledomdom1 2 years ago

Sounds amazing, I would love to try that! What type of test was it?

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