Full time, online jobs?

Hello, I am posting out of curiousity. Currently working from home, but the position is just not something I am currently enjoying due to social anxieties and talking on phones all day breaking me down. I was wondering if anyone knows of any online positions that are full time, or at least close to, and manage to make around the $10-11/hr or more mark?

I know this is kind of a hard question when it comes to online work, but just curious.

Thank you.

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thunder_fingers 2 years ago

Thanks for leaving it. Where did you find the CS jobs?

kandekunt 2 years ago

The Chat Shop

Ganrokh 2 years ago

If you find that you have a knack for transcription, I recommend giving 3Play Media a try. I found them in October and I couldn't be happier. They have a transcription tool that makes transcribing a hundred times easier than any other site, and it makes me wish other sites had their tool. I'm still getting the hang of things (transcription is only part of my income), but when I put my mind to it, I break $40 a day, and the person that first showed me them told me that they easily break $60 a day. Be warned, though. Once you submit an application and submit a sample with it, if you're accepted, you have to pass 5 more (I think) exams that are harder than the application. Once you pass them, though, it's well worth it. Edit: Oh, and their support is pretty stellar as well. Their QA is also very open. Every job passes through QA, who are prompt with answering questions, and you get audited about once a month. I don't feel like I'm going to be randomly let go like I am with other companies. I seriously can't recommend 3Play enough. My one hope is that they get more clients lol. Each day has a few hours that are dry, but then again, what freelance service doesn't have dry hours?

Vortex1130 2 years ago

I have major social anxiety as well so I would love something like this that I could do

Painzord 2 years ago

Great post, thanks for sharing! How did you go about learning copywriting?

dunndundun0601 2 years ago

Thank you for leaving it! It definitely helps me!!

SpeakinUpNow 2 years ago

Wow. This is GREAT advice. I'm going to have to go revise some of my freelancing profiles using these tips, thank you!

kielly32 2 years ago

As someone who is currently working with Rev, avoid Rev at all costs. Extremely low pay, QC don't know their head from their arse, and Rev has no problem flicking you away like a crumpled tissue even if you have high ranking scores.

KetoConsultant 2 years ago

Have you ever looked into online freelancing? It's essentially a way for you to cut out the middleman (i.e. employers) and make more money by doing so. To give you an example of this, I was actually able to start making $45/hr offering my Copywriting services to clients (which I'd learned 3 weeks before applying to my first gig). If you're interested, the best 3 sites to look into are: Upwork.com Freelancer.com Guru.com And I realize the competition can be fierce, but here's how you can get jobs on freelance sites, even if you have zero experience... Starting with: Positioning Some call this carving out your niche, others call this a target market But call it what you want to call it, its a great tool that can eliminate 99% of your competition. Theres a few different ways to do this, but as Ive noticed over the years, the easiest way to do this is by taking a field that you know pretty well, and then combining this with a freelancing skill (that you can easily learn). Theres about 6,281,917 different combinations out there, but the way I started was by being a Copywriter (freelance skill) for Tax (field I know well) Firms (target market). This worked really well as not many people have this dynamic duo (Ive actually never met a direct competitor), meaning I land 80% of the jobs that I apply to Even if Im more expensive than the competition. But dont think it needs to be this advanced either. Ive had friends who specialized in building Wordpress sites for dentists, even though he doesnt know a thing about dentistry And then Ive had friends who specialize in Instagram Marketing for Fitness Companies, simply because he likes to take pictures with his shirt off and quickly built an audience (more of a portfolio thing, but you get the hint). Long story short, 99% of freelancers like to be generalists, and when youre competing against the general population, then yeahthings can get tough. On the other hand, when you carve out a niche and eliminate most of your competition, then its really not that bad. Create a client-focused profile If you scroll through the list of freelancers on any major freelancing site, youll see that most freelancers love to talk about themselves. Now you obviously have to a little bit, as you need to show the client that you can complete the task for them But what most freelancers forget is that you need to do this in a way that benefits the client, not in a way thats borderline bragging. The most common area I see this happen is the headline, where 99% of freelancers put something along the lines of Experienced CFO with over 20 years of experience, which is great, but nothing like: Experienced CFO that instantly improves your bottom line, see what I mean? Youre still getting the point across and showing that you know how to complete the job, but youre doing so in a way that directly benefits the client And as somebody who both works, and hires, on Upworktrust me, it makes a difference. Leverage the power of a Minimum Viable Product The biggest concern I had in my early days of freelancing was landing jobs without a portfolio. I was brand new so I didnt have any previous examples I could use, and after submitting numerous proposals I actually had a client respond, asking if I had an example of my work So after thinking about it for a little bit, I had a brilliant idea, why dont I just create a quick example for him? Now I didnt want to create some 6,000 word blog as I wasnt sure if I was going to get the job or not, so I decided to create a short 500 word article for a relevant industry (wrote about Commercial Lending, he was a CPA) And to my surprise, that was all he needed to see, as he hired me right away and we got to work. This is also a good example of how clients really dont care about credentials, experience, or education. They just want to know you can do the job for them, and nothing does this better than a relevant portfolio (just make sure to include in your cover letter, most clients are too lazy to ask for itputting you as an automatic denial if you dont). Simply do this for your first 35 clients, and after that, youll have a real portfolio built up and wont have to do this anymore. What Im trying to say is If you use the wrong tactics, then yes, freelance sites are worthless (But Im pretty sure that applies to everything in life). On the other hand, if you know what to do and use the simple hacks I just gave you, theres a good chance youll start picking up jobs right awayIve seen it happen a dozen times. And if youd like a free resource that goes over this in more detail, I created a video course for youfound here.

aneffinyank 2 years ago

As someone with IBD, I would love to find full time work that forgives me for being in the bathroom all of the time :') Working from home would be a dream.

Rayad_Ayporos_Yorc 2 years ago

Funny enough, support.com is where I am at. It's not terrible, but it is phone work and that is really what is killing me. xnx

salinetea 2 years ago

Oh there's also https://www.flexjobs.com/, which I have heard great things about from several friends, but you have to pay a monthly fee to access their job listings.

salinetea 2 years ago

If you have skills or experience you might check https://jobspresso.co and https://remoteok.io/ afaik they deal exclusively with remote work.

salinetea 2 years ago

Unfortunately, Rev isn't the greatest source of income. I did great on my initial test (and I only type 65wpm), then after that it was insanely difficult to find jobs on rev that weren't completely impossible. Usually the jobs consist of people with impossible to understand accents mumbling or 3+ people speaking all at once in a large room. My score went way down because I accepted one with a mumbling Australian guy, and I couldn't figure out one word he said for the life of me. I spent like an extra 30 minutes trying to google and figure it out with no luck. Then my reviewer gave me a super low score and said that if I was too lazy to research I should do something else. Because of one word.

votewithyourmoney 2 years ago

It's extremely low paying, I'm afraid. I tried it for quite a while and wouldn't recommend it. Doubtful you'll be able to pull in $5/hr.

NastyMcrimeboy 2 years ago

I'm curious about this too for a friend that suffers from social anxiety disorder.

Rayad_Ayporos_Yorc 2 years ago

I'm looking on places like Indeed, where people seem to be posting positions there for certain things, but it's pretty limited. Is there a platform I should be looking at for jobs like this?

blaspheminCapn 2 years ago

Where are you currently searching, or platforms you're searching on?

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