Free $80 from Varsity Tutors, Promotion for new Tutors

I've posted here previously about my past experience with Varsity Tutors, not only is there a nice incentive sign up bonus but there's constantly new opportunities for tutoring. The general tutoring rate is between $13-15 an hour.

Here's where the free $80 comes in, with an invite you will get a $40 sign up bonus when you complete their signup process. Once signed up and approved you will have the option to verify your tutoring skills in certain subjects. For any tutor who gets approved in Calculus 1 or Algebra they will receive an extra $40.

This is a great way to get extra money on the side if you have a flexible schedule and confident in tutoring in some subjects. If you're able to tutor in person or on subjects like the MCAT or other national tests those rates can be $22+/hr.



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Toror 2 years ago

Pretty much just do their 2 small interviews and wait for their background things to process, all in all about a 2 week process in my experience

RebirthNA 2 years ago

I've been doing this for over a year now, so here are some clarification to what OP said: Jobs with the subjects you select are posted on a listed board, example. These can be taken by anyone, and often are in 30-90seconds. Customers can set their listing to have high priority for 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.5x, or 2x pay. Since these listings get taken very quickly, I would recommend signing up for text updates. Ask me any questions you have and I'll answer! In case you don't want to use OP's referral link, here's mine. Name= Barry Canada FULL DISCLOSURE: for using referral links, the referrer and referred received a $100 bonus, when the referred person tutors someone

Toror 2 years ago

So now you will wait probably 1-3 days while they process everything (could be longer now, not positive) and they will give you a call/email with your next step. The next step is just a general video interview with questions online. You won't be talking to anyone but the camera. Then after that you will get a final call saying you're approved for tutoring at which point you can do your confirmation tests and start tutoring. You'll get the $40 signing bonus first and then if you finish the calculus or algebra tests you'll get the additional $40, they will send it in the mail via check

play_it_safe 2 years ago

I completed the application process and it said thank you for applying. Now what?

Toror 2 years ago

Not too sure on that one, but probably US only :/

TurbanedTornado 2 years ago

US tutors only? I tried signing up with my Canadian postcode and it wouldn't allow me.

play_it_safe 2 years ago

What all has to be done to be approved as a tutor to get the first $40?

Toror 2 years ago

Generally highschool level algebra

Ma0Zed0ng 2 years ago

By algebra are we talking about linear or lower level high school math?

Toror 2 years ago

Yep, they will send it via check as soon as youre approved and processed

SkeletorYouFools 2 years ago

What's the cash put cap? Can I sign up and just cash out the $80

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