Fractional Lot Sizes

So I am using a broker that allows me to do fractional lot sizes on a demo account. I'm new and wanted to do the demo first to learn. But I'm wondering if it's possible to do fractional lot sizes (40 or 50 or 30 or etc cents a pip, rather than 10) with a live account.

Also if it is, how do I decide what to risk per pip?


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El_Huachinango 2 years ago

Yes. Oanda allows you to do $1 lot sizes (I can't remember if this is nano- or pico- lots). Also if it is, how do I decide what to risk per pip? See our wiki. Look under "risk management"

Type_ya_name_here 2 years ago

This post is great. Perhaps a fellow forex junkie like me.

mojavelover 2 years ago

I usually trade mini lots 10000 to 20000. By no means a professional. A risk calculator for pips is available on a number of websites. Risk management is one of the first rules of FX club. Not wealthy, yet, but have had my account for 4 years and have yet to blow it up. Calculate the acceptable risk before entering a trade.

LuthierSalazar 2 years ago

Of course it's possible. Your lot sizes can determine how much you can trade per pips.

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