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I was wondering what people's thoughts on the marketability of a forum in this day and age are? I'd run something like MyBB or vBulletin and it'd be a traditional forum. Do people still use forums? Is it a dying market?

I've been around forums for a very long time and I have a lot of experience administrating them. Presuming I can get one up and running and get it traffic/organic traffic, what are my best bets when it comes to monetization? Selling ads? I don't really like that idea because everyone's using AdBlock these days. Premium membership features like "subscriber" or "donator" status for extra perks? I imagine that's still one of the biggest ones.

Is there any other avenues one might explore if they were trying to get some money out of a forum? Is it even a good idea at all?


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harveymeale 2 years ago

Yeah that was my main reservation, that people simply won't join forums anymore... Reddit and Facebook might have too much of a monopoly when it comes to general discussion stuff, which is essentially all it would be.

OptimizedEarl 2 years ago

I think the question you have to ask today is what are you offering that facebook groups or subreddts aren't? Forums work well when attached to a product that already forms a community. Tesla Motors for example... their people discuss Tesla on their site because it is Tesla's site. I think a forum platform can work as a Q&A for an existing site or a big brand but the days of picking a mainstream topic and creating a forum around it and expecting me to be motivated enough to sign up are over. Facebook plugin for forum logins would be a must as well as some authoritative voices but its an uphill battle. Google also fell out of love with forums. In 2009 if you had a forum and were rewriting urls... good ol days.

returnbuyer 2 years ago

Sponsored postings would be a thing. So you have a fish aquarium forum and sticky a vendor's thread where they post links to all their products with descriptions. Affiliate marketing would also work. Some forums convert words into clickable links that make the forum a commission if a purchase is made, or just for the pageview itself.

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