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On forex.com why do some of my trades cancel and I lose money? I am new to leverage trading and I assume it has something to do with that, but sometimes it happens after just a few minutes so I don’t understand

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southofearth 2 years ago

Automatic margin close out when margin reaches a certain %. Check with your broker what the percentages are.

mrbump34 2 years ago

This is either a margin requirement issue as the others have mentioned OR it could be a FIFO thing. FIFO = First In First Out. It's basically a US broker regulation which determines the order in which multiple orders get closed out. If you don't understand it, that could explain why some of your orders are getting cancelled/closed. More info here - https://www.oanda.com/resources/legal/united-states/legal/close-trades-fifo

El_Huachinango 2 years ago

This. Usually position are shut down automatically for margin reqs

squattter 2 years ago

How big's the account and what lot size was your position?

Crazednympho 2 years ago

My guess is that your free margin or margin levels are to low, or you are trading to big of a position for the amount of margin you do have. My suggestion to you would be to Google how margin and margin call works in forex trading.

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