For those who need a refresher on content marketing strategy I launched a podcast that outlines how to get one started.

I just launched a podcast - Content and Coffee - and our first episode talks about content marketing strategy.

Which breaks down into 6 points.

  1. How to get started
  2. What types of content to create
  3. Tools you can use to succeed
  4. Channels you should create content for
  5. Managing the quality of your content
  6. Analytics and ROI

You can find it on Itunes under "Content and Coffee" or embeded on our blog at here

There is also a blog post explaining the podcast points if you don't want to listen it.

Hope it's helpful!

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Cthulu_is_Genesis 2 years ago

Any plan on releasing this on something like Podbean?

hkimia 2 years ago

Thanks! Let me know your thoughts.

IAmsterdam_ 2 years ago

Going to listen to this now!

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