For certain keywords, Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs are giving extremely different search volumes. Which one to be believe in terms of accuracy and is there a better tool for KW search volume accuracy?

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randomvariable10 1 year ago

Jee man, thanks a lot for being a condescending ass on a genuine thread.

Honey_Bunny_CA 1 year ago

Keyword Planner showing you ranges of search volume = same useless stuff as with Ahrefs. If you're not spending $10k monthly on AdSense campaign you ain't get shit. You might as well use any other 3rd party keyword tool like Serpstat or Semrush, or better yet, - go to a fortuneteller.

Tuilere 1 year ago

Google is first-party data. ahrefs is not.

ashley89lloyd 1 year ago

This is where Keyword research becomes a little suggestive and open to interpretation. Some use Ahrefs data, Moz Keyword Explorer or the old KW Planner. I personally use all 3 to gather a variety of keywords and to find what I believe to be the most accurate search volume I; 1) Collate my list of desired keywords and log into Keyword Explorer 2) Enter them for their broad volume etc and add them to a plan 3) Review plan and set CPC to >100, ensure it's exact match for keywords, daily budget of 50,000, set location targeting if required and change the next 7 days to monthly forecast. For me this is the most accurate way to determine keyword volume and differentials of terminology. For example in the UK web development is searched 7,376 times per month and website development is searched 1,551 times per month according to KW Explorer. I know this is the ideal way to perform Keyword research but I find it great for compiling spreadsheets and negates the whole "Ahrefs says this but SEMRush says this" etc.

warnakey 1 year ago

Google Keyword Planner will be more accurate than Ahrefs when it comes to keyword volume on Google, obviously.

MincoLesharo 1 year ago

Go with the trends, top20 for each and eliminate duplicates...that sort of thing. Note: Semrush has the highest keyword total of all 3rd party tools but their indexing sucks. Often 25% of Ahrefs. Keyword planner = 1 tool. In SEO always use more than 1 tool. Do your best.

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