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I am a small business owner in the Northwest. I’m looking for a more effective way to sell my paper products (planners and calendars) to more retailers. A few friends from other disciplines have recommended to try to hire or consign a broker or distributor but after some Googling I am striking out on finding such a thing.

Any suggestions on where to find such a company?

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Strategy-Duh 2 years ago

Unfortunately you're dealing with an antiquated industry with ever dwindling demand. I haven't seen too many brokers that deal in paper retail products that can go bad if not sold. Your best bet is to actually hire somebody to do it or do it yourself. You need to get creative and see where your demand might be coming from. Could you put a nice back on it and work with Tumi to fit their products? What about government contracts, schools, and business offices? There's certain industries and individuals that need them. Think long term strategy and not short term sales

jbrewlet 2 years ago

I have hit up many in my city. I will keep doing this though. It does work.

jbrewlet 2 years ago

Thanks for the thought. That does strike me as spammy, not sure I would receive that well myself.

jbrewlet 2 years ago

Any works for me.

BoldenConsulting 2 years ago

Does the retailer need to be physical, online, or both ?

Growthologist 2 years ago

Hi Have you thought about outsourcing some market research through the likes of www.freelancer.com to identify the retailers in the State(s) you are wishing to contact; their name, email and telephone numbers? Then consider an email campaign through the likes of MailChimp with great graphics and testimonials, to see if they interested in your products. Be careful though to find a way not to spam, and I am sure there is a way around this. Apart from direct sales, some may also put you onto recommended middlemen. Hope this of use. Cheers Neil

jbrewlet 2 years ago

So the $20,000 a year I make from these products isn't worth it or valuable as a product to my customers? Have you tried reaching out to local small businesses who would buy 200 items at a time from you Yes, I have. Thanks.

powerlogo 2 years ago

Setting up a small website targeting those retailers will help. Mention the minimum order you accept and other terms. Promote this website with Adwords targeting visitors looking to buy relevant products in bulk.

madathedestroyer 2 years ago

Forget the middle man. Hit the road and go pitch gift shops. Get your product in their doors.

jbrewlet 2 years ago

Yeah, I have. A couple of the products don't have many B&M sellers but just B2C online sales.

Scoot4ever 2 years ago

I would ask the retailers you currently sell to who the main brokers/distributors they would recommend.

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