Finding a Social Media client.

Hi guys, I am new to social media marketing and management. I have no prior experience with any individual/business.

How do I convince someone to start business with me(hire me for their social media)?

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usamasid 2 years ago

Thank you. I would try this for sure.

RoldyD 2 years ago

Have you built up your personal social media? Know any friends who you could use as an example? I am in the same situation and I am using my partner to build up her social media as part of my portfolio. I have had quite a lot of interest from small takeaways as they understand the importance of social media without understanding the inner workings of it, that is a potential good place to start for paid work but Id look at friends or someone you may know and use that to demonstrate what you can do, both visually and in terms of growth. Hope this helps

averitablerogue 2 years ago

You dont. Why would someone pay you to manage their social with no portfolio or previous clients? What you could do is offer to do it for free for a certain period of time (maybe a month), after which you can negotiate for a longer term contract if theyre satisfied.

usamasid 2 years ago

I am trying to manage their social media channels + manage their advertisement campaigns.

ilikelotsathings 2 years ago

Well what services are you trying to sell? Community Management is entirely different from Marketing Management, for example. Like, if its the latter, then offer them to do a free trial campaign as in, theyre paying for ads but not for your work.

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