Finally the tides are turning down with yelp

For years ive worked in media management and for years ive hated yelp and there choke you into paying them buisness model well folks the times come day by day google reviews is becoming the go to for reviews i made this acct because my boss still swears by yelp but anyone reading this knows better so ive developed an infrastructure to boost both your google reviews and even a way to get rid of those bad ones left by angry competition i also plan on rolling out a fu@k yelp line of shirts so please dm to speak about all google related media management thanks and thank god yelps dieing

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charliefourindia 2 years ago

Grammarly saves my bacon daily, its worth every penny. Buy a subscription! Do it now.

Deathofyelp 2 years ago

Yes i need to listen to the guy who told me to proof read right before he said the word scross.....i was typing on an nyc train standing bottom line is my message rings true and you should take your own advice and if this message isnt compiled of text do tell what is it

nikita18 2 years ago

For being in Media Management you might want to consider some proof reading. This isn't a text message and if you want to be taken seriously, you need to come scross, well, seriously.

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