Failed Appen application

So, yesterday I took Appen's online application test. I felt I did very well and saw the couple curveballs they tried to throw. I was very timely and followed the ratings by their instructions and am almost positive I got 95% right.

And yet... "Unfortunately, we are not able to proceed with your application because you did not meet the minimum score required for the Web Search Evaluator."

Has anyone else had this experience? Did I actually fail it, or is it possible they're just not hiring me for some other reason? So confused...

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Mikazah 2 years ago

The web search evaluator position seems all over the place right now. Some people are being given extra hours. Some don't have any work loaded. Some are going through the hiring process. Some are being fired. I'm not even sure Appen knows what Appen is doing right now lol. That being said, the web search evaluator application test isn't easy. If you took the same test I did, I have a hard time believing you got 95% correct given your first try. From what I've read from other people, they usually don't specify why they're not going through with the rest of the application. So if you were told you didn't meet the minimum score, it's entirely possible you just didn't meet the minimum score. Best thing you can do is ask for another try at it, and see if they will let you know what you did wrong (although I doubt they'll let you know). I hear many people get a second try.

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