Facebook ads, small business and lessons on accessibility

This sound ridiculous, but the reason I don't advertise on Facebook is because I have no way of reaching support. As a small business owner, I have very limited time (patience) to study "help guides" and if I have a question/issue and no way of getting direct help (at the time I need help) - I'm going to take my money and spend it elsewhere. At the same time, this is a valuable lesson for me personally on being accessible to your potential customers. I am not suggesting being available 24/7 (we have websites for that) but acknowledging and responding to every request and/or inquiry customers throw at us. Being responsive and accessible really helps our business (even though it does not always result in a sale). What about you?

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scentandviolettx 2 years ago

Thanks. Your advice makes sense. I, cant speak on anyone elses behalf, but I dont write blank checks to company I cant reach in any way. To me that means said company has something to hide (my money among other things).

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

Thank you. I would love to test the Facebook, but the way I look at it: I can reach google, bing, Twitter with a touch of the button, formulate the issue/report data that I need, and they guide me through what I need. As a small business, that started from scratch we are still not in a position to hire an agency, and I have to do most of this myself. I just cant justify to myself spending money on a company that is not interested in helping me.

WoodstockPlayHouse 2 years ago

What have you heard that does well?

rsteele1981 2 years ago

I am actually going to do this because of your post. I am starting an email list for our business. I want to be able to send customers coupons, free stuff, information about our events, schedule, and things happening around the shop. Thank you!

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

I dont know how, but that option was not available to me. Under additional support I was only able to find redirect to Advertisers Help Center.

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

How do you get to talk to someone?

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

Thanks. Speaking of email: I receive about 60 emails per inbox per day and it can be annoying/overwhelming. What do you do to stand out from such crowds?

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

I am always willing to try new things, but I am not willing to buy dragon egg. If I cant have a direct communication with the seller I am not very inclined to trust what they are selling

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

Not to mention far more fun in a casino

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

There should be Facebook advertisers support

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

We did not spend ton of money, and Google works for us (not great but ok). Surprisingly Bing works even better. I cant talk about Facebook/Instagram because I refuse to advertise on a platform that is inaccessible

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

I dont know if it works for me or not, because I lost my patience trying to figure it out. My customers would not tolerate this kind of behavior from me.

scentandviolettx 2 years ago

Im happy its working for you

idealWINDS 2 years ago

Build an email list. Email trumps social media ROI every time (and by a hefty margin). Send an email blast weekly or bi-weekly and hold events to get together, show off new products etc... I've been saying it for 5 + years. FB is not for small business and is a dying breed anyways..

ero_senin05 2 years ago

I have never once heard of a service business doing well out of facebook adds so I never bothered with them.

ReflexImprov 2 years ago

Honestly, after spending on a couple of Facebook ad buys, I think I'd get a better return on investment by taking the same money to the casino and sticking it in slot machines - and far less anxiety. I think it only works for those that can spend in high dollar amounts, but not so much for small businesses on a tight budget.

[deleted] 2 years ago

There should be a sub for facebook ads help.

HonorableBeast 2 years ago

I have spent tons of money for Facebook, Instagram, google Ad, but it didn't connected to direct purchase.

dbxyz 2 years ago

After about 2 months using facebook ads they actually emailed me to set up a call to answer any questions. The rep went through using the facebook pixel with me and helped me in creating custom audiences https://www.facebook.com/business/m/facebook-marketing-expert?lead_source=email_loop_website_custom_audience_hc_c#Learn_More

aLeakyAbstraction 2 years ago

Facebook does have a live ads support team for anyone and everyone, albeit not well advertised. If you go to the link here: https://www.facebook.com/business/resources Scroll to the very bottom until you see the "Additional Support" section. You'll see three options, one of which will be "Chat." If you select that option, you'll be able to start up a live chat with a fb ads support rep on any question you may have. In the past they were only available from 9am - 5pm weekdays, but not sure if it's still that way. Hope that helps. I run Facebook/Google/Amazon ads for a living so if you have any questions lemme know.

CaptianTwisty 2 years ago

Agree 100%. It's a terrible platform. To this day, I can't even change my business page format to service. Facebook = krap. When I do advertise, we have little no results. Oh yeah, everyone has their facebook set to block all ads.

Plus_EeeVee 2 years ago

What kind of questions do you have? I know your pains.. I used to be in same position. I have direct support now with a rep, generally I shoot an email and get a call back within an hour or 2.

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