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I have noticed that all my Facebook ads are getting likes and clicks from countries that have no relevance with the content. Are these Facebook farms?

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chilakiller1 2 years ago

Yes, facebook farms. Target your country or ban countries where farms come from.

chazingdreams 2 years ago

Thanks, will reach out if needed.

SNOBmarketing 2 years ago

You need someone to properly target your ads. You can target down to exact cities if needed. If you ever need help, hit us up!

chazingdreams 2 years ago

I had initially selected Europe in location and got a lot of views(90%) from Albania which is not relevant for our ad.

chazingdreams 2 years ago

I had selected Europe in my region settings and I got a lot of interest from Albania. I quickly changed it, but it was surprising to see 90% interest from a country which was not relevant to our ad.

Polypropylen 2 years ago

If the country isnt relevant to you, why is it included in your targeting?

JonCantReddit 2 years ago

Why arent you choosing location targeting?

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