Ever withdrawn paypal from swagbucks

Never done it before, do they give you a gift code or just email your Swagbucks email on file as if it's your PayPal

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Sk8rToon 1 year ago

FYI it gets sent to your PayPal from The Rewards Store not necessarily saying swagbucks anywhere.

Valalvax 1 year ago

I lost the screenshot, but once the money was in my Paypal within 7 minutes of redemption, not even counting the verification email time

yankeesfan01x 1 year ago

Only option I use. They send it right to my PP account in a few days. Sometimes next day but don't expect it that quick.

fjleon 1 year ago

no they don't. have you actually used paypal before? you get the money deposited in your account, no codes, nothing to do.

ChaosZeroX 1 year ago

They send it straight to my paypal email after about 48 hours.

MidgardWyrm 1 year ago

I can't remember how it was initially or what I had to do (it was so long ago!), but I've been a regular redeemer of PayPal from them for years, now. You order, wait a few days, then they deposit the cash into your PayPal. Simple. :)

Vladamirski 1 year ago

Alright thanks

MeatBrick64 1 year ago

You have to have the same email for your swagbucks account and paypal account. If they aren't already, you can add an email to your paypal account & it'll work just fine. They don't email you a code or anything, it just gets deposited straight into your paypal

Vladamirski 1 year ago

thanks bud :) I just wanna buy this crypto dip and all I have is sb

redrage97 1 year ago

edit: sorry must've changed at some point. sorry for the mistake

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