EURUSD what are your thoughts on this pair for this coming week?

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c0les0 2 years ago

I see an opportunity to make a high around 1.28 (and finish 5th wave of the rise) and than fall at least to 1.16 and lower.

El_Huachinango 2 years ago

And there's the stop loss. Locked in that profit, yum yum. /6E is retracing below .5 std. I'll watch more soon.

El_Huachinango 2 years ago

I've been long since 1.23296, at least for tonight. I need to assess /6E as well, as we are heading for just past the .5 std Dev. Either way I have a trail stop to lock in profits.

El_Huachinango 2 years ago

jpyusd This is a currency exchange rate, not a forex pair, hence not tradable. Are you looking at shorting USDJPY?

panaka09 2 years ago

My short is since 1.2235 and still waiting. Hope it will drop to 1.21 next week.

oog_ooog 2 years ago

Good stuff man. I think it could go lower than that due to everything going on in Europe right now just seems riskier being long but I could be wrong

jnFamousDaN 2 years ago

This pair is trying to challenge the SMA 200 on the monthly level. However, on a short time frame, I'm still short on this pair since 1.2450 and expect to see it challenge the 1.2250 area again. Will it go further than that? I don't think so.

jnFamousDaN 2 years ago

I'm still short on this pair. Monthly/weekly still saying JPY is favored for me. However, the weekly does look like it's about to change! Let's see what happens this week

cfjaramillo 2 years ago

I've had long

[deleted] 2 years ago


danktimetobealive 2 years ago

Feels like a bull run for USDJPY is needed

[deleted] 2 years ago

No thoughts. If it goes up i buy if it goes down i sell.

apogi23 2 years ago

I'm not shorting EURUSD but I am going long USDJPY. USD inches closer to March and interest rate speculations make good bull rallies. Long-term who knows.

oog_ooog 2 years ago

Where did you short at

danktimetobealive 2 years ago

Ive had a short and see potential support around 1.2100 area

oog_ooog 2 years ago

I agree, I believe its more than likely going down though

GiannosCy 2 years ago

I can see a double top forming, i will expect either a breakout of the neck line or a continuation for probably a triple top. I can see it going down to 1.19500.

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