Ecommerce & Keyword Cannibalization

On our ecommerce site, we have a blog section which seems to perform pretty well.

Recently, we've run into a bit of an issue where if we create a blog post on a (hypothetical) topic such as "How To Properly Fit A Dog Harness" it'll outrank our "Dog Harness" ecommerce category page!

Is there method or links that explain how we can avoid this while allowing us to target informational longtail keywords on our blog?

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CraigFifield 2 years ago

Does the dog harness post link to the dog harness category? It should. Also, think about the query type - are more people likely to be searching to buy dog harnesses, or are they more likely to be searching for how to use said product? Look at the serps, what type of page is the engine displaying most for your query?

[deleted] 2 years ago

Are you using a rank tracker, or incognito to validate this? Just checking if it's personalized results

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