Does web traffic have a big role in SEO?

Hey everyone, I know this might be a noobie thing to ask but if a site gets a lot of traffic will that improve rankings by itself?

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DanielODonnell 2 years ago

In theory, search traffic helps rankings but people forget that Google anlaytics tracks all this anyway. I did a test once with a landing page and pushed traffic to the landing with print advertising. And my ranking went from not in the top 100 to top 10. Without any links... just traffic that was seen by Google analytics.

raje-s 2 years ago

Yeah, website traffic is one of the important scenario in SEO

Instavast 2 years ago

Absolutely yes! but traffic is one of the many aspects contributing to your SERPs ranking.

Humanstein 2 years ago

Ehhh, not via paid or direct means but click through from SERP and sticking around and not bouncing back over to the SERP is definitely a ranking factor.

LovieWeb 2 years ago

You get traffic because of SEO. You can't increase SEO ranking because of traffic!

NomiDL 2 years ago

I have recent experience of doing work on such project and on the basis of that, I would say Yes it has. I got some quick ranks after just doing "On Page SEO" as my client's site has some direct traffic due to his popularity.

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

To explain further, a user that finds your website in search result, clicks on it, then STAYS on it (even better, shares it) is voting to say your site is worthwhile for that query.

ElectronicFinger 2 years ago

that makes sense but that would mean that as soon as you start ranking for a few keywords there would be a snowball affect, right?

demolition_control 2 years ago

No its more complex than that. Direct traffic has little or no effect. Search traffic that goes to your site and stays on your site is the holy grail.

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