Does manual outreach for links work?

I see many SEO gurus like Neil Patel and Brain Dean say they work. But what if I have a new site. Even if I create great content on a daily or weekly basis, I am pretty sure no one will trust a new domain. What do you guys think?

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[deleted] 2 years ago

Any source to read on mutually beneficial outreach(without violating Google's requirements), deeper than moz ?

karmaceutical 2 years ago

Yes but serious link outreach is scaled, monitored, tested, honed, repeated, perfected over and over again. To be successful, questions like email deliverability, deep email inbox verification, automatic follow up and secondary contact methods become what you worry about more than creating content.

SEOPub 2 years ago

Yep. He's a good marketer, but a lousy SEO.

searchcandy 2 years ago

Neil Patel is not an SEO guru btw, the only people who believe that to be the case are people who are fresh from Warrior Forum et al.

SearchGeniusSEO 2 years ago

This is from personal experience, I've never had success reaching out and asking them to link back. Where I've had most of my success is in outreach for guest blogging. That is, building a personal brand, and then offering them a great piece of content and including a link in it. Don't go and start approaching USAToday to get featured as your first guest post (it took me 2 years to get featured there), but instead start with smaller blogs, then work your way up the 'authority ladder' of your niche. That is, start writing for other new blogs in your niche, and then leverage your publishing on there to get you onto bigger sites, and so on. It takes time, but if its for your own projects is really effective.

thesupermikey 2 years ago

Its really the only think that works in the long run. Manual outreach is a just dumb way to say basic public relations. You have to get out there and pitch your product. You have to position yourself as a domain expert among those who can take advantage of your services. If you are building an affiliate site with the hope of skimming some rents from amazon, Black Hat away. If you are building a business, pitch your business.

yooaadrian 2 years ago

It works, but you have to make your offers mutually beneficial, beyond the whole "hey, love your site, I just happened to stumble on your article and have a link that will make it better" thing. It takes creativity, work and time but does work.

EliasArosemena 2 years ago

They work. This strategy is hard to implement successfuly but it works. Obviously is easier for guys like Neil Patel and Brian Dean to accomplish as they have more credibility and authority. Build relationships with a varied network of bloggers in relevant niches depending on the type of clients you regularly work with.

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