Does anyone find Crypto Coin News exhausting?

I understand their business model is to put out tons of videos per day that are all above 10 minutes to maximize their ad revenue, but there's very little substance and I am constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information they're throwing at me.

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DigitalCoinz 3 years ago

The news is not exhausting, the FUD is exhausting.

tronxt 3 years ago

The bottom line is the bottom line,if all the news adds not value then there is no point,and it doesnt seem too. Bad news outside this ecosystem certainly does effect price, but in the wrong way. So I suppose it is a bit overwhelming.

setupsdf 3 years ago

100% All fluff. I can't even hit up that site anymore.

pm_me_your_mugshot 3 years ago

Why are you here if you think it's a scam?

Treasonaire 3 years ago

I find it unbelievable that there are still people who think bitcoin is a scam.

LhamoRinpoche 3 years ago

Well, at last half the video will just be a page open to a coin watch with no other visuals as the announcer just summarizes what we could read on the page, then a bunch of plugs for contests and lotteries. There's no personality to the channel at all.

CONTROLurKEYS 3 years ago

No idea what you're talking about

Tugvarish 3 years ago

Same as above... any specifics?

Tugvarish 3 years ago

Any specifics?

afrotec 3 years ago

Don't be fooled. Those types of videos provide very little actual information. They are mostly fluff, and the people making them are often not particularly knowledgeable.

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