Does anybody want to join an amateur writing group?

Hi, I hope this thread doesn't break the rules. There's no self-promotion type intentions of a cash money persuasion here, but if the rules are being broken, justice must be delivered.

So - I've just started an amateur writing group. Genre is not high fantasy. Right now we're a group of three. Writers of all skill levels are welcome! The goal is simple - chat about stuff, swap ideas, do weekly critiques and improve our skills together. Why low fantasy? I think there's a lot of places to discuss high/epic/medieval fantasy already. So I thought maybe I could set something up for other types of fantasy.

Who should join : Low fantasy writers who are looking to talk about writing and get weekly feedback.

Who shouldn't : Masochists. Our criticism is honest but not brutal.

We post our work weekly on Wednesdays. Hit me up if any of you are interested!

Stuff we use : Discord, Google Docs.

Ok, masochists are also welcome but don't expect too much.

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MrRocks08 2 years ago

If your still looking for more people Im interested.

Plethora_of_squids 2 years ago

...I'd like to join - frankly I don't have much clue about what I'm doing as I've recently immigrated from doing fan fiction but I think what I do fits into the classification of low fantasy (albeit with a more historical focus).

SaaranshMishra 2 years ago

I am interested!

umaenomi 2 years ago

I'd love join if you don't mind.

FluffySuperDuck 2 years ago

Would love to join!

sherrintini 2 years ago

Mine is kind of artsy but has some low fantasy elements for sure, can I join?

pushkar000 2 years ago

I'm also relatively new, so I'd like some criticism from those with more experience. We're all a bunch of lousy amateurs, don't worry. I PM'ed you the discord link. Step into my web...

_IInverted 2 years ago

I'd be down to give it a try. I don't know if my work would be considered "low fantasy", but I know for a fact it isn't high. I'm also relatively new, so I'd like some criticism from those with more experience.

pushkar000 2 years ago

This group is interested in being joined by you.

pushkar000 2 years ago

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

Whelpdidntmeanthat 2 years ago

HMU I'm looking for just that! Not a high fantasy fan.

northwestjt 2 years ago

Hi, Im interested in joining this group.

notwritingasusual 2 years ago

Hi I'm interested too! My novel has some low fantasy/supernatural elements!

pushkar000 2 years ago

Do we have a set time? No, just put your stuff up when its ready and over the next couple of days everybody else will critique. I PM'ed you - welcome. WELCOME.

pushkar000 2 years ago

basically instead of "here be dragons", low fantasy is "here be a sentient eggplant". If you're in, hit me up. If you're not in...make your epic dragon friends with an eggplant and then hit me up.

Adoniram1733 2 years ago

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_fantasy High fantasy is stuff like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Totally fictional worlds with magic as an accepted/known thing. Low fantasy is stuff like most Stephen King novels or Stranger Things. Typically low fantasy is about our world or a world like it, where magical stuff is the exception rather than the rule. But it's a loose term, not really set in stone.

Adoniram1733 2 years ago

This sounds pretty great, and is the sort of thing I have been thinking about trying to get into for quite a while now. You said you post on Wednesdays, do you have a set night or time you get together (on Discord) to discuss stuff?

kgxv 2 years ago

If you could first explain to me the difference between low and high fantasy (and I feel like an idiot for not knowing already), that would help me figure out if I'm a fit for this.

PrinceofPersians 2 years ago

I would enjoy that. Ive got a project but Im not sure if its actually low fantasy. Its near done but the only betas Ive had are family. Also some weeks I hammer out a lot and some I cant get anything done (I work ER). The other problem is that I kinda bounce around genres. Currently working on a horror and planning on something more SF/drama. Would I be able to join if I just stick to my possible low fantasy? Should I message a synopsis of it to see if it fits the genre?

secretsantathroww 2 years ago

I'd love to.

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