Does AdSwipe or AdSwiper work?

I saw it on an Instagram ad so I am very suspicious. Anyone heard or used this before.

This is an Ios app.

The comments were mixed. Some saying fake and some saying real so idk what to believe

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[deleted] 2 years ago

Just used this referral link. Thanks.

ChargedChubbs 2 years ago


ryaz19 2 years ago

Adswapper is real but I only get around 10 cents a day. Cant complain because it is passive.

JOJOawestruck 2 years ago

oh it's for iphones.

ChargedChubbs 2 years ago

Sure I wouldn't mind. How much you make a month? I assume it is pretty passive, but low earning.

King-Aaron 2 years ago

AdSwapper, and yes it does work. It works by re-routing the ads you see on your device through their advertisements where they pay you a portion of their earnings. You'll notice that once you install it AdSwiper the ads you see on your device are different, if you're every suspicious of AdSwiper you can remove it by deleting the profile located in Settings>General>Certificate Trust Settings and then "theadswapper.com" I personally use it and it works just fine for me, If you want to sign up would you mind using my referral link?

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