Do you need to be good at writing content to be good at SEO?

I am beginning to look after a start-up's marketing and one area is SEO both on and off page. I have a content writter who creates most of the content but some of the content will be written by myself.

Do I need to be a strong writter to be good at SEO? Does anyone in this sub not write content?

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arun890 2 years ago

if you are a good writer and good at seo, it is a best combination

micmea1 2 years ago

If you yourself are not a strong writer than you should have someone who is on your team. Google continues to push quality scores towards quality content, which ultimately will benefit strong writing. Now if they are providing you with content, you just need to be there to guide the structure of it. Like a newspaper article your page should inform the viewer and push them towards taking an action at a first glance, with any sort of bulky text heavy areas below the fold.

cygeek 2 years ago

It helps, but it's not necessary. Personally I prefer writing more than the SEO part but you can probably get away with having your content writer do the work and you give it a final check for density.

JhonnyH 2 years ago

Yes, Content is the main part of our website. SEO is a help to reach people to our website but Content engaged the people with our sites and generate interest in that sites. So that user comes again and again.

AnasDilshad 2 years ago

If you're a Content Writer or SEO Content Writer, you have to try to understand the points from users point of view when you're writing and thought, how they can reach your content or whatever they written in search engine. Always thought as a user.

hannahbananajones93 2 years ago

No - There's so much to do in SEO that isn't content and the more you research, the more things you'll find to work on. I've recently started venturing more into the technical SEO field. It great because it can make a big difference to traffic much faster than content can, and then make any new content perform better than it might have done before. In fact, I would always start on the technical SEO elements before focusing any energy on the content or link-building side of things.

duotron 2 years ago

It can also be advantage to not write yourself. We are an SEO agency and we work together with different content producers, they focus only on good content. We need to give them the SEO perspective and be able to create content briefs that drive the results. It matters a lot on how you work together with the writer.

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