Do outlinks boost article SEO?

Noticed a lot of sites doing this - linking out to high ranking authority articles about their topic.

I remember this coming up a while back as a suggestion to help rankings. Wondering if it's been confirmed or anyone has seen some case studies on this.

The alternative is they're giving away link juice for nothing.

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rockchucksummit 2 years ago

world wide "Web"

smarterseo12 2 years ago

External links help user experience which helps seo :) Also if you do an experiment and create several similar web 2.0 properties you can quickly spot that websites with quality external links tend to outrank the others. I've done the testing myself and it seems like apart from helping with user experience google just favours websites that link to others. I wouln't worry about link juice if you only use 1-3 external links per page it doesn't make much difference

number3arm 2 years ago

I'd argue they do, if it's a work cited page or supplemental information. Not sure how the algorithm would judge that though

ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

Do the links add to the user experience?

SEOPub 2 years ago

There is also the possibility that they click the link and never come back.

Joetunn 2 years ago

In addition to the quotes there have been a few case studies out there covering this issue. Imho the real question is whether page authority or domain authority matters more and if google checks the semantical connection via more backlinks or via keywords/topics.

devlindigital 2 years ago

If someone clicks to your site, then clicks to another site that gives them more information, thats probably going to increase dwell time and decrease the need to return to the SERP for more information. That gives the search engine a pretty good signal that the user probably found what they needed via the search term they used and the click to your page.

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