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Here's my current situation: There are multiple business ideas I would like to validate, and I am trying to do so by getting real feedback from members of the target audiences who will use this potential product. However, some of my ideas are mere concepts. In other words, they are what I would like the product to accomplish but not actually how the product would look like and work.

That said, is there anywhere I could get help in developing my business concept (what I want the product to accomplish) into an actual product? Or is this something I have to figure out on my own?

Will appreciate all the feedback!


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BoldenConsulting 2 years ago

List the hypothetical businesses concept as a real business product in major cities on craigslist. See which ones get feedback of interest, and that will validate whether the hypothetical product is wanted.

badzachlv01 2 years ago

You should read The Mom Test, it's a fantastic book about getting feedback on new product ideas.

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